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5 Safety Essentials Most Homes Lack


5 Safety Essentials Most Homes Lack

In theory, home safety and security is important to all of us. But, when it comes time to put our money where our mouth is, sometimes things don’t add up. For example, many Canadian homeowners still haven’t invested the time or money to outfit their home with the important safety essentials they would need in an emergency.

Check out the following list to see if your home is missing any of these key items:

Fire Escape Ladder
If you live in a multistory home, and a fire breaks out, a fire escape ladder could be the only thing that helps you and your family get out of your home alive. You can purchase a two-story or three-story emergency ladder from a local hardware store or online. Keep it stashed near a window for a quick and easy escape during a fire.

Motion Sensor Lights
Installing motion detecting lights outside your home is a great way to shine a spotlight on things nighttime intruders would rather keep in the dark. Thieves often avoid homes with motion sensor lights in favor of easier targets. Install them near all the entrances to your home for optimal security coverage.

Portable Power
A power outage doesn’t mean you have to go without power, at least not if you’re a smart homeowner who knows how to plan for the unexpected. Invest in a portable power source that offers a light as well as a reliable way to power the essential appliances you might need until the power is restored.

Home Safe
Installing a cleverly hidden safe in your home is a great way to protect valuable documents, precious heirlooms, and expensive jewelry. Opt for a model that’s fireproof and waterproof to give your valuables an extra layer of protection in the event of a natural disaster or fire.

Fire Extinguisher
According to Statistics Canada, 34% of Canadians live in homes without a working fire extinguisher. This must-have safety essential may not be the most attractive thing to add to your home, but it could save your life. You should keep one in all areas where a fire is most likely to occur like the kitchen, garage, and furnace closet.You should also keep one in any hallways that lead to exits.
While we hope the unexpected never happens to you, as your insurance broker, we still want you to be prepared for the worst. By fortifying your home with these five safety essentials, we feel confident you and your family can stay safe and sound no matter what life throws your way.

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