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Commission Disclosure

To our clients

We are providing the following broker compensation information to you in accordance with government regulations.

As your independent insurance broker, we ensure you get the insurance coverage you need at the best rates available to you. Through our affiliation with a number of Canada’s finest insurance companies, our role is to ensure you receive unparalleled value that combines coverage, price, advice, and service.

We are justifiably proud of our service record. We deliver our five-star service promise through the efforts of our highly trained staff of insurance professionals, who are guided by a business philosophy that puts personalized client service first. Every Dorchester Insurance Brokers Ltd. client receives the best in advice, policy administration and claims support. As well, you can be confident in knowing that when the time arises, we will be your advocate, using our extensive professional experience to best represent your individual interests.

Brokerage compensation is part of the insurance premium you pay. This compensation enables your broker to serve your insurance needs. Listed below are all the automobile insurance companies we currently represent, along with the range of compensation they provide each year for new business and renewals, as a percentage of your annual premium.

Auto and Property
* Dominion of Canada 12.5% / 20%
*Chieftain Insurance 12.5% / 20%
*Echelon Insurance 12.5% / n/a
RSA Facility 9% to 11.0% (max of $310 per vehicle) n/a
Elite Insurance 12.5% / 20%
*Westminster Mutual 12.5% / 20% to 25%
Premier Marine n/a 15%
Pacific Marine n/a 15%

*Portage Mutual 10-12.5%/ 20%

AM Fredericks n/a / 15%

April Canada n/a / 15% to 20%

Some companies, in addition to the compensation noted above, also may pay what is known as a “Contingent Commission.” These companies are identified with an asterisk (*). Such companies, as a matter of business strategy, place parameters on the kind of business they want from brokers. Payment of a contingent commission recognizes the broker’s results in contributing to the companies’ objectives. Contingent commissions may be based on a number of criteria, including growth, loss ratio, volume, client retention, or increased services provided on behalf of the insurer etc. Contingent commissions are not guaranteed and criteria for paying them vary among companies. If you want detailed information concerning the contingent commission plans of one or more of these companies please visit the companies’ websites.

Should there be any change in these compensation schedules, or any other change that materially affects broker compensation arrangements, we will notify you.

Your insurer will be providing you with a “Consumer Code of Rights and Responsibilities” which will be forwarded to you with your next policy. If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of your insurance, please contact us.

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