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How to Keep Your Laundry Room Hazard-Free

How to Keep Your Laundry Room Hazard-Free

It may seem innocent enough, but did you know that your laundry room is filled with a number of potential hazards that can cause serious injury and even death? Here’s what you can do to keep your laundry room hazard-free.


– Wipe Up Spills: As soon as they happen, clean up all liquid spills. Soapy detergent can cause dangerous slip-and-fall accidents while clear bleach could be mistaken for water.
– Lint Traps: Remove lint buildup after every use. Every six months, do a more thorough cleaning with a nylon brush.
– Dryer Ducts and Vents:  Hire a professional to clean your ducts and vent if you notice a decrease in dryer performance.

Maintenance Checks

– Dryer Ducts: Plastic dryer ducts are a fire hazard. Replace them with straight or flexible metal ducts.
– Dryer Manual: Consult the user manual to determine how much space your dryer needs for proper airflow. Keep your dryer cool by keeping the area around it clutter free.
– Dryer Vent: Check the vent’s exterior output for blockages, such as leaves or bird nests.
– Washing Machine Base: Make sure to place the machine in a pan connected to a drain to collect leaks before they cause major damage. This is especially important if your washer is located on an upper floor in your home.
 Hoses: Replace washing machine supply lines every 3 to 5 years.


– Detergents: Store detergents, bleach and fabric softeners out of reach of children and pets. Also, talk to your kids about what’s safe to touch and what’s not.
– Fire Extinguisher: Thousands of fires start in laundry rooms each year; therefore, it’s smart to keep an extinguisher close.
 Emergency Numbers: Keep your local poison control center’s number posted in the laundry room in case of an emergency.

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