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Summer Driving Hazards You Should Know

Summer Driving Hazards You Should Know

Most drivers know to be on guard when driving during winter conditions, but few are aware that summer has its own set of hazards. In fact, in 2013, the highest number of fatal car crashes occurred in August. Keep reading to learn all the ways summer roads can be just as dangerous as winter ones.

More Teen Drivers Out & About
When school is out of session, teen drivers have more opportunities to hit the streets. Unfortunately, that means seasoned drivers need to be on high alert when sharing the roads with these less experienced drivers.

More Road Congestion from Vacationing DriversĀ 
Traffic jams are the perfect breeding ground for road rage and fender benders. And, with more people taking time to vacation during the summer, roads can be more congested than usual. Stay calm when you run into bumper-to-bumper traffic and look out for risky driving behavior from impatient drivers.

Tire Blowouts
In the heat of summer, tires are more prone to fail because the increased heat expands the air inside the tire. If the tread on the tire is worn, a blowout can occur when you least expect it. To help prevent surprises, check your tires often throughout summer particularly on days when the temperature creeps up higher than usual.

Increased Construction
Warm weather provides the ideal condition for new construction projects. That means more people and objects on the road. Always slow down when you hit a construction zone.

More Cyclists on the Road
Whether on a traditional bike or a motorcycle, riders love to take advantage of the warmth of summer. Be considerate and share the road with two-wheel drivers.

Now that you know all the hazards you can encounter when driving during summer, you are in a better position to keep yourself safe and avoid an insurance claim.

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